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Shredded Mulch by Kristy K Organics

Suitable for landscaping lawns, gardens, and flowerbeds, our organic mulch keeps soil shaded, inhibits weed growth, and protects topsoil to support the propagation and maintain a well-manicured appearance.   

When you’re searching for a nutrient-rich and beautiful mulch, we offer our Softwood Bark Mulch as a perfect solution. It’s a multi-purpose gardening essential that looks great while providing immense benefits to your plants and trees.

Simply by covering your garden soil or lawn areas with 4 inches, you’ll aid the soil by providing shade, offering weed prevention and water retention, and enriching the soil as the mulch breaks down over time. The organic matter supports beneficial bacteria and fungi that help plantings grow healthy, resilient, and strong.

This Softwood Bark Mulch:
• Is excellent for gardens, around trees, and in landscaping for flowers and shrubs

• If a weed happens to pop through, merely use a small pitchfork to dislodge and discard

• Is great for shading soil, preventing weeds, retaining water, protecting topsoil, and enriching the soil with organic matter as it decomposes


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Plant in White Pot

Your organic mulch is absolutely the best. My sister and I spread it on the flower garden at First Lutheran Church. It was and easy and effortless product that took less than one hour. The flowers are thriving and look great. We will using your mulch next spring! I'm going to use your mulch on my flower gardens and around my young trees! Thanks for making it!

— Laurel O

Organic Beetroots

Absolutely love their landscaping products!  The brown bark mulch has held up really well to the weather.   Highly recommended.

— Luke J