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Coconut Coir
& Rice Hulls

Coconut Coir + Rice Hulls by Kristy K Organics

We've combined buffered coconut coir fibers with pure parboiled rice hulls to produce a robust soil
amendment composite expertly formulated to support optimal aeration, fortification, and water

Designed for optimal aeration and water retention, this naturally fortified soil amendment is expertly formulated with 70% super washed, heat treated, and buffered coconut coir and 30% parboiled rice hulls. It’s a sustainable alternative for Peatmoss, for various gardening methods, including container gardening, mushroom gardening, or hydroponics.

This all-natural and completely renewable blend is eco-friendly and renewable for gardens, mushrooms, and indoor and outdoor potted plants.

The Coconut Coir & Rice Hulls product:
• Is an excellent soil additive solution for gardens and concentrated areas, such as container plants

• Improves the soil to produce healthy and robust plants

• Ingredients are limited to coconut coir and rice hulls – a winning combination for soil enrichment


Grow your plants, flowers, vegetables, and more with Coconut Coir and Rice Hulls and be amazed at their growth and vibrancy.