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Coconut Coir & Rice Hulls


Are you looking to make your indoor and outdoor container gardening dreams a reality? Look no further than Fluffed Coconut Coir & Pure Rice Hulls! This sustainable solution is all-natural and completely renewable and is designed as an optimal soil amendment with 70% super washed, heat-treated, buffered coconut coir and 30% parboiled rice hulls. Become the hero of your own gardening story by turning your greenhouse into an oasis with Fluffed Coconut Coir & Pure Rice Hulls.

This brilliant blend was formulated to support aeration, fortification, and water retention… three key ingredients for any successful plant parent journey! Best of all, it’s designed for various planting methods – from hydroponics to mushroom cultivation to container gardening. There's no need to limit yourself to creating an environmentally friendly space. 

The small-sized coir particles create an excellent way to retain water around your plant's root zone - giving your foliage access to all the liquid-based nutrients they need. The pure rice hulls provide superior drainage and ensure that your plants get more oxygen - ensuring happy healthy greenery. So give your plants what they need - step up to being a green hero with Fluffed Coconut Coir & Pure Rice Hulls!

For Use On:

Trees and Shrubs



Potager Gardens

Raised Gardens

Outdoor Containers

Indoor Containers

Herb Gardens

Container Growing Tips

Watering: Only water your plants when the soil is dry. Use a tray or saucer to catch water that drains from the bottom of the pot. Do not let plants stand in water. Outdoor container plants might need to be watered more often (once per day during hot, dry weather). Light: Some plants like to be in direct sunlight while other prefer shade. Check the plant tag or ask someone at your local garden center to find out what kind of exposure your plant needs. Feeding: Frequent watering can wash nutrients away from the roots of your plant. Feed  plants at least monthly during the growing season with an Espoma Organic Plant Food beginning two weeks after planting.


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