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Coconut Coir & Rice Hulls - 8QT

Are you ready to take your plant parent journey to the next level? Then it's time to introduce Coconut Coir & Rice Hulls! Our brilliant blend of 70% super washed, heat-treated, buffered coconut coir and 30% parboiled rice hulls was specifically designed to give you an optimal soil amendment that enhances aeration, fortification, and water retention - the three pillars for any successful grower. No matter what planting methods you use - hydroponics, mushroom cultivation, container gardening or otherwise - this will make all the difference between ordinary and extraordinary plants. In other words: it's like a cool aunt helping you become a hero in plantsmanship! 


By using this blend, you're guaranteeing your plants have access to liquid-based nutrients by retaining water around their root zone for as long as possible. On top of that, the small-sized coir particles and pure rice hulls will give them superior drainage with more oxygen - allowing your greenery to be healthy AND happy.


Make sure you tap into the power of nature and choose the amazing renewable resource from Coconut Coir & Rice Hulls today!

Coconut Coir & Rice Hulls - 8QT

    • Mix your ingredients per plant needs.  See recipes 
    • Fill your container about 1/3 of the way with mix
    • Loosen up transplant root ball and put in container with top of root just below the rim of container
    • Add more mix and tap down lightly.
    • Water and enjoy
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