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Eco-friendly Fundraisers

Want to Raise Funds for Your Organization?
How about fundraising while helping the environment?

Become Heroes in Sustainability!​

Our products are safe for people, pets, plants, and our planet, making this the perfect fundraiser for eco-conscious organizations. ​

Products Made with Mother Earth at Heart:

  • Long-lasting products help build the soil for seasons to come!

  • Renewable, sustainable products.

  • Support micro-ecosystems in soil

Raise the Funds You Need


Kristy K Organics Fundraisers are a fast & efficient way to raise your funds with no upfront cost.​

We Make Fundraising Easy:

  • We provide collateral to help you fundraise fast

  • Sell in any quantity, high or low

  • No upfront cost or initial purchase

  • No minimum purchase

Environment Class

Learn While Fundraising


At Kristy K Organics, we know kids are the earth's future and teaching them about our earth is the best thing we can do for our planet!

How we support learning:

  • Kid-friendly printables

  • Educational menu with lots of information on products

  • Optional Classroom Grow Kits

Want more? Ask about having Kristy K come speak to your class!

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Community Garden_edited.jpg
Nature Class
Girl Holding Baseball
Outdoor Class
A researcher checking vegetable in a lab
Community Garden
Young Volunteers
Cleaning Nature
Who's this for?

We offer our fundraiser to non-profit organizations & community groups.  

What kind of organizations?

  • Community Clubs

  • Sports Teams

  • Schools

  • Classrooms & Clubs like FFA

  • PTAs

  • HOAs

  • After School Programs

Why Choose Us?

Help the environment

  • Long-lasting impact on soil

  • All-natural products

  • Safe for people, pets, plants, & our planet

Raise Funds

  • Can raise significant funds in a short time period

  • No upfront costs, minimum purchase, or special knowledge required

Fun and Easy

  • Perfect for any age group

  • We provide everything you need

  • Teach while fundraising

Organic Home Garden

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