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Enriched Planting Mix

Breathe New Life into Your Garden: Enriched Planting Mix

Upgrade your in-ground beds, refresh tired soil, and fill those pesky lawn holes - all with one bag!


Our Enriched Planting Mix is a soft, blend of black peat moss, nutrient-rich compost, and bark fines. This triple threat:

  • Enhances existing soil: Invigorate your garden beds with a boost of organic matter, promoting healthy root growth and better moisture retention.
  • Freshens tired soil: Revitalize compacted or depleted soil, giving your plants a new lease on life.
  • Fills gaps seamlessly: Easily fill in holes in your lawn or landscape with this soft, workable mix.


The perfect solution for a variety of garden needs, our Enriched Planting Mix provides a foundation for flourishing plants and a beautiful landscape.

Enriched Planting Mix

  • Organic black peat soil, Premium Organic Compost, Aged (softwood) Bark Fines

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