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Premium Organic Compost

Cultivate a thriving garden you'll be proud of. At Kristy's K Organics, we're passionate about helping you nurture vibrant plants and experience the joy of a flourishing harvest.  Our Premium Organic Compost, crafted with care right here in Minnesota, is the perfect solution for all your gardening needs. Made from all-natural ingredients, it provides the essential nutrients your plants crave for sustained, healthy growth.


Here's what makes our compost special:

  • Nutrient-Rich Blend: Our unique formula boasts .8% nitrogen, .8% phosphate, and .6% soluble potash, along with aged bark fines, for optimal plant health.
  • Exceptional Quality: We meticulously screen our compost to 1/4" minus, ensuring only the finest components reach your garden.
  • Efficient Application: Due to its potency, you'll need about 1/2 - 2/3 compared to other brands, making it a cost-effective choice.


From vibrant flowers and flourishing vegetables to lush lawns and thriving trees, our compost empowers you to create your dream garden.

Unlocking Your Garden's Potential:

We've developed easy-to-follow recipes (links lower on this page!) tailored to specific garden types. These recipes ensure you achieve maximum nutrient absorption and witness incredible results.

Savor the Rewards of Your Labor:

When harvest time arrives, you'll be delighted by the quality and abundance of your homegrown produce. 

Slightly Higher pH for Happy Plants:

Our compost has a slightly higher pH (ranging from 7.7 to 8.0) compared to some. This can be particularly beneficial for certain plants that thrive in slightly alkaline soil. If you're unsure about your plants' preferences, a simple soil test can help!  Test results are needed for correct compost / soil ratio.

Order Your Compost Today and Watch Your Garden Thrive!

Available in convenient 8-quart and 1-cubic-foot bags, our compost is perfect for home gardeners. We also offer ½" screened compost in bulk – simply contact us for details and pricing.

Premium Organic Compost

PriceFrom $6.00
  • Composted dairy cow and poultry manures and aged forest products

  • Watering Wisely:

    • Match Your Plants' Needs: While Premium Compost helps retain moisture, watering requirements vary by plant type, climate, and soil conditions. Research your specific plants' needs and adjust watering frequency accordingly. Aim for deep watering that reaches the root zone, allowing the top inch or two of soil to dry slightly between sessions. This encourages strong root development and prevents overwatering.

    Feeding (Not Always Necessary):

    • Nutrient Powerhouse: Premium Compost provides a good amount of nutrients for most plants throughout a growing season. However, a soil test can reveal if additional feeding is beneficial for your specific plants and existing soil conditions. 
    • If more nutrients are needed, try out our Organic Chicken Manure Pellets.

    Long-Term Maintenance:

    • Soil Testing for Lasting Success: While Premium Compost is packed with nutrients, understanding your soil's overall health is vital for long-term success. Consider testing your soil every few years. A simple home testing kit or a professional soil analysis can reveal your nutrient profile and potential deficiencies.
    • Topdress Based on Needs: The results of your soil test will indicate if additional top dressing with Premium Compost is necessary, and how much. This ensures your plants receive the nutrients they need without over-fertilizing.

    Beyond the Basics:

    • Mulch Magic: Apply a layer of organic mulch around your plants to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature. This will further benefit your plants and extend the effectiveness of your Premium Compost.
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