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Nestled in the middle of Minnesota, 
Kristy K Organics is a company with multi-generational organic farming roots. 

By offering exceptional products with honest, natural, and effective ingredients, we make it easy for growers everywhere to enjoy beautiful results while putting “good stuff” back into the Earth! 

Whether you’re a professional farmer or gardening with your kids at home, we offer you our natural, organic, and sustainable products that heal the soil, maximize growth and benefit the environment.   

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Nature is meant to be nurtured, not tamed. That's why we cultivate natural, organic plant-care products that help your plants thrive and give good stuff back to the life of our Earth.

Woman-owned and family-operated, at Kristy K Organics, we mix our compost and soils in the fields of our family farm until they're finely aged and ready to grace your gardens. Everything we make or source is rich in nutrients and always free of harmful chemicals.

When we take care of the Earth, the Earth takes care of us. Reconnect with your roots and grow your plants, cultivate your lawns, and raise up your trees as nature intended: to be healthy, beautiful, and altogether wild.


 Our families grew up on organic farms. We were raised from an early age to respect nature and avoid chemicals whenever possible.


Natural methods have become second nature for our family. We have reaped the benefits of organic animal manure compost and other eco-friendly materials for years. We have the honor of sharing these soil conditioners with friends, family, and customers while giving back to the land.

We have made a practice of giving back. We take a portion of our profits and time to plant more native trees, prairie fields, and pollinator gardens.  

Kristy K Organics family - stay wild
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MEET Kristy K


Kristy Flowers

Founder & Manageress of Humus

As a child, I loved playing in the flower garden with my grandmother or in my Aunt Jean's greenhouse. I marveled at what could be grown with some good-smelling soil, rainwater, sunlight, and respect for life.

That love of plants has stayed with me throughout my life. I am proud that at Kristy K Organics, we offer renewable, sustainable, and all-natural soil products that customers everywhere can use - even in limited spaces. With every purchase, you become a hero for our planet!

I look forward to guiding future generations and providing incredible soil products that make the world a better place.  

Thanks for being here with me on this incredible journey!

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