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A shared love for nature binds us at Kristy K Organics.


We believe in the magic of growth, where good soil, rainwater, sunlight, and a touch of care unlock potential across landscapes. We craft all-natural soil solutions for thriving trees, vibrant lawns, flourishing greenhouses, and healthy houseplants. Even our homemade compost enriches our blends, fostering healthy ecosystems from the ground up.

Our Passionate Team:

Our team embodies this passion, meticulously sourcing the finest ingredients and blending them with respect for the environment. We're a team that listens, constantly improving our products to empower everyone to cultivate thriving environments.

Recycled Paper

Cultivating Nature's Harmony

Nature is meant to be nurtured, not tamed. That's why we cultivate natural, organic plant-care products that help your plants thrive and give good stuff back to the life of our Earth.

At Kristy K Organics, we are woman-owned and family-operated. We mix our compost until it's finely aged and ready to grace your gardens. Everything we make or source is rich in nutrients and always free of harmful chemicals.

When we take care of the Earth, the Earth takes care of us. Reconnect with your roots and grow your plants, cultivate your lawns, and raise up your trees as nature intended: to be healthy, beautiful, and altogether wild.

Rooted in NATURE

 Our families grew up on organic farms. We were raised from an early age to respect nature and avoid chemicals whenever possible.


Natural methods have become second nature for our family. For years, we have reaped the benefits of all-natural animal manure compost and other eco-friendly materials. We are honored to share these soil conditioners with friends, family, and customers while giving back to the land.

We have made a practice of giving back. We take a portion of our profits and time to plant more native trees, prairie fields, and pollinator gardens.  

Kristy K Organics family - stay wild
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