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Pure Rice Hulls

Looking to bulk up and add carbon to your garden? Look no further than Kristy K Organics Pure Rice Hulls. Our 100% natural, renewable, and organic rice hulls are perfect for gardens or containers without adequate drainage due to their porous properties – they absorb moisture to create a perfect soil-moisture ratio for plants.


Hard coverings are removed from rice grains to make them a popular substrate in gardening. Our rice hulls have a high porosity ideal for bulking up and adding carbon to your gardens, all while improving aeration, drainage, and water-holding capability. Since rice hulls are nearly neutral in their pH balance, they’re a great solution as a soil additive. that is an excellent alternative to perlite, and vermiculite and is less dusty. Rice Hulls are a natural bi-product and no earth mining required.  Win-win. 


Parboiled rice hulls have a pH near neutral to slightly alkaline. Rice hulls provide a dense source of carbon which, when combined with other soil amendments, can help improve soil structure and drainage – making you a hero gardener in no time!

Our Organic Rice Hulls are:

  • OMRI - listed 
  • Natural alternative to the dusty and non-sustainable Perlite.
  • Ideal for bulking and fertilizing gardens, especially those with reduced drainage resources.
  • A sustainable gardening solution that’s very eco-friendly, fully sustainable, and biodegradable.
  • Rice Hulls are a great deterrent to those nasty fungus gnats.  Spread our rice hulls over the top of the potting soil; about 1.2" thick will do.

Pure Rice Hulls

    • Mix your ingredients per plant needs, always adding Rice Hulls last.  See recipes  
    • Fill your container about 1/3 of the way with mix
    • Waken up the plant by loosening up the root ball and placing in container with top of root just below the rim of container
    • Add more mix and tap down lightly.
    • Water and enjoy
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