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Potting Soil with Perlite

Cultivate a thriving haven for your favorite plants, both indoors and outdoors, with Kristy's K Organics Potting Soil with Perlite.


Sustainable Goodness for Everyone:

We're passionate about creating eco-friendly solutions for your gardening journey. Kristy's K Organics Potting Soil with Perlite is safe and responsible for you, your children, and your pets.


Ideal for Established Plants:

This nutrient-rich blend is specifically formulated for established plants, creating a vibrant oasis in containers, pots, and raised garden beds.  PLEASE NOTE: This blend is NOT recommended for seeds or seedlings.


Why Our Potting Soil Stands Out:

  • Lightweight & Moisture-Balanced: Our all-natural, responsibly sourced ingredients promote healthy root development and optimal moisture retention for your plants to flourish.
  • Renewable Powerhouse: Featuring our very own Premium Compost, this mix boasts sustained nutrients.
  • Effortless Transformation: Simply use Kristy's K Organics Potting Mix to transform any established potted plant into a lush, thriving haven.
  • Slightly Higher pH


Exploring Plant Preferences:

The world of gardening is full of fascinating discoveries. Researching your plant's needs online or consulting a gardening expert can reveal if it prefers a slightly different soil mix. Simple Adjustments for Happy Plants - For some plants, adding a small amount of sand or extra perlite to increase drainage, or a touch of coconut coir & rice hulls to retain moisture, can make a big difference.


Embrace the Joy of Sustainable Greenery:

Order your bag of Kristy's K Organics Potting Soil with Perlite today and witness the flourishing results – good for your plants, good for the planet!

Your plants will thank you for it.

Potting Soil with Perlite

    • Fill container with Kristy K Organics Potting Soil, leaving space for your plants.
    • Use a container with adequate drainage to prevent water logging.
    • 'Wake up' the roots by gently shaking off excess dirt.  Place in container so the root ball is below the rim using new potting soil as a base.
    • Thoroughly water the soil, ensuring that excess water can drain away.
    • Provide appropriate plant nutrition based on recommended feeding instructions.
    • Sit back, relax, & watch your plant grow & thrive!
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