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Premium Organic Compost


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Get ready to become the hero of your garden and take your plants' growth to new heights with Premium Organic Compost! This rich blend of composted cow and poultry manures ensures that it is packed with vital nutrients such as nitrogen, giving your precious plants what they need to flourish. Our all-natural ingredients guarantee that you can trust this compost can sustainably boost the health of your lawns, gardens, flower beds, and trees.  How to & Note.


Check out our gardening recipes on how best to use this fantastic product, then sit back and watch as your plants achieve unsurpassed growth!


You don't need a degree in horticulture when you have access to Premium Organic Compost - unleash its remarkable power in your garden today and become an instant hero among your green-thumb friends!

  • GET YOUR GARDEN & YARD IN TIP-TOP CONDITION! - Add Premium Organic Compost to the soil for better plant growth. Sustainable, renewable, and eco-friendly, this compost is perfect for your lawn, garden, vegetable garden, trees, and raised flower beds. *

  • IMPROVE SOIL CONDITIONS! - Add Premium Organic Compost to the soil for better plant growth. Sustainable, renewable, and eco-friendly, this compost is the perfect addition to your lawn, garden, vegetable garden, trees, and raised flower beds.

  • USE: Mix in 1/2 to 2/3 as much Premium Organic Compost per square foot for planting beds compared to competitor brands. Apply 1/4 - 2 inches as a top dressing for established gardens and lawns.  Gardens you must work the compost in.

  • GET ORGANIC GARDENING results you can be proud of! - Improve the health of your soil with this Premium Organic Compost and see your plants flourish.

Don't wait - order your Premium Organic Compost today!

Here's what makes Kristy K Organics special:

  • Nutrient Powerhouse: Our compost boasts a higher nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content than plant-based composts, essential for healthy plant growth. Unlike some composts, which offer a quick burst of nutrients, Kristy K Organics releases nutrients gradually, building happy soil for your plants.

  • Longer-lasting Benefits: Say goodbye to frequent feeding! Our slower nutrient release provides sustained nourishment, keeping your plants thriving throughout the season.

  • No bad synthetic chemicals:  Unlike yard waste compost, ours will not have bad stuff like herbicides.

  • Savings on Materials: Thanks to its denser consistency, you'll need less Kristy K Organics per square foot than lighter composts. It packs the same punch with less, saving you money and reducing waste!


Unleashing the Full Potential of Kristy K Organics:

Raised Beds & Pots for outdoors: The richness of our compost means a little goes a long way! Mix ½ as much of Kristy K Organics compared to other composts and mix it with your current soil for vibrant blooms and flourishing container gardens. This ensures your plants receive the nutrients without risking an imbalanced pH.

Trees & Lawns: No need to change your routine! Apply Kristy K Organics to trees and lawns at the same ratios you used with your previous compost. Our formula perfectly promotes healthy root growth and lush green landscapes.

In-Ground Gardens: Mix Kristy K Organics with your existing soil about 2/3 compared to other composts for beautiful in-ground gardens. By working Kristy K Organics into your native soil, you'll create a thriving environment teeming with beneficial microorganisms for long-term success.

Remember, a soil test is your best friend! Knowing your soil's composition allows you to tailor the amount of compost for optimal results.

*Important Note: Due to the manure content, Kristy K Organics may have a higher pH, electrical conductivity (EC), and minerals than other composts. Consider this when using it for certain plants that prefer a more acidic environment or are sensitive to minerals.

Important Note
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"In April I added Kristy K Organics compost to all of my flowers gardens.  I couldn't be more pleased.  Love the Compost!

— Deb W

“I have poor soil in my garden so I used some of this compost and the garden is producing like crazy!"

— Patrick D

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Container Growing Tips

Watering: Only water your plants when the soil is dry. Use a tray or saucer to catch water that drains from the bottom of the pot. Do not let plants stand in water. Outdoor container plants might need to be watered more often (once per day during hot, dry weather). Light: Some plants like to be in direct sunlight while other prefer shade. Check the plant tag or ask someone at your local garden center to find out what kind of exposure your plant needs. Feeding: Frequent watering can wash nutrients away from the roots of your plant. Feed  plants at least monthly during the growing season with an Espoma Organic Plant Food beginning two weeks after planting.


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