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Premium Organic Compost

Premium Organic Compost by Kristy K Organics

A nutritive blend of composted cow, poultry manures and aged bark fines. This premium grade organic compost mix helps boost the growth of grasses, plants, and flowers by enriching the soil with a broad spectrum of vital nutrients.  Click here for gardening recipes to use with your compost.

Our most popular soil fertilizer, this organic compost, is a nourishing blend of composted cow and poultry manures with the best combination of aged bark fines. It’s a blend that yields healthy plants, giving them the boost they need for exponential growth. It retains moisture and breaks down organic matter, leaving your plants and grasses fortified with nutrients, clean, and healthy.

Use this rich compost in the soil of lawns, gardens, flower beds, and trees. It’s sustainable and made of all-natural ingredients, including a broad spectrum of vital nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous.


The Organic Premium Compost:• Is a great soil additive solution for lawns, vegetable gardens, trees, and raised flower beds• Improves soil conditions for vital and sustained plant growth• Includes .8% nitrogen, .8% phosphate and .6% soluble potashOrder now for a beautiful yard, garden, and orchard, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Growing Tomato Plants

"In April I added Kristy K Organics compost to all of my flowers gardens.  I couldn't be more pleased.  Love the Compost!

— Deb W

People in the garden

“I have poor soil in my garden so I used some of this compost and the garden is producing like crazy!"

— Patrick D