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  • Natalie Johnson

Creating a Beautiful Corner Garden on a Budget

Are you looking to create a stunning corner garden but have budget constraints? Transforming your space need not be expensive! If you’re looking for budget garden and landscaping ideas, this blog is for you!

Essential Gardening Know-How

Landscaping and gardening take time and costs money, so homeowners are resorting to more economical and efficient options. If you want to upgrade your outdoor space with vibrant colors and beautiful plants without breaking the bank, you’ll want to start by having essential gardening know-how.

What is your soil type?

Before you start planting, get to know your soil type and its PH, as this impacts plant growth. Loam is ideal but if you don’t have that, you can either improve your soil by mixing it with compost or selecting plants that thrive in your soil type, such as drought-tolerant plants for sandy soil, which has poor water-holding capacity.

Care for your soil organisms

Help the organisms in your soil ecosystem help you by creating favorable conditions for them. Minimize the use of pesticide and keep your soil well-aerated and moist, and you’ll soon find these earthworms, insects, and microorganisms making a fertile and well-aerated environment for your plants. If you need to use fertilizers, select less-concentrated organic options with slow-release formulas, as the fast-acting ones tend to harm earthworms.

Mulch properly

Mulching, when done properly, helps improve soil quality by retaining moisture, enhancing soil aeration, inhibiting weed growth, and providing nutrients to the soil. It is vital to use the right mulching material and not to exceed the proper amount, otherwise, the plants suffer from the altered soil chemical composition and excess moisture. Make sure to have enough space - 1-1 ½ inches - from the base of the plant when mulching.

Plan your irrigation system

You’ll need to water your plants regularly, but if your packed schedule makes this difficult, consider installing a drip irrigation system and connect it to your outdoor faucet.

You can also install a simple bucket irrigation system using just a five-gallon bucket and a few lines. You can DIY this because it’s so easy!

Many homeowners are utilizing rainwater for their gardens, and you can do the same by building your DIY rainwater irrigation system. It is easy to put together so you might want to consider this option, too!

Now if you enjoy manually watering your plants, make sure to hook up a water wand or at least have a nozzle with a shower setting. The water wand can be handy for that added reach and works best for watering potted plants, young seedlings, and newly planted seeds.

Budget Corner Garden Tips

Now that we’ve covered setting a good base and setup for your plants, here are some easy tips that can get you started on your beautiful budget corner garden.

Start with native plants

When choosing plants for your corner garden, opt for native plants whenever possible. Not only do they require less maintenance than non-native plants, but they also support local wildlife and attract beneficial pollinators like bees and butterflies. Consider mixing flowers and shrubs that bloom at different points throughout the season so that there’s something blooming all year round.

Add landscaping features

Since our goal is to cut down on expenses while working on our garden, look for alternatives for your landscaping. You can use an old tree stump that not only enhances the visual elements of your outdoor space but also attracts wildlife.

Adding mulch beds is an economical way to add visual intrigue to your garden. You can also throw in some landscaping stones (which are surprisingly not as expensive as you’d probably imagined) for a more refined touch.

Consider adding tall planters for bursts of vibrant color or decorative features such as birdhouses and wind chimes to bring in the beautiful sounds of nature. Don't overlook benches and outdoor furniture either; you don't need fancy, expensive pieces when you can make simple benches with logs just as easily!

With just a few small additions, your garden will look more attractive and peaceful - perfect for winding down after a long day.

Consider adding perennial flowers

Adding perennials is a cost-effective way to fill more space with colorful flowers because these flowers are something you can enjoy year after year.

Consider planting seeds instead of buying seedlings to cut down on costs. For instance, a single Shasta Daisy plant may cost around $10, whereas you can get a package of 300 Shasta Daisy seeds for less than $5.

Final Thoughts

With the right planning and preparation, creating a beautiful corner garden is possible, even on a budget! All it takes is a little research and lots of creativity and effort. Gardening can be an excellent way to fulfill a passion or add value to your home. Don’t let your budget constraints stop you from having the beautiful garden you’ve always dreamed of!

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