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  • Maggie Stepan

Restore Our Earth - Natural Lawn & Garden Food

Earth Day, as we all know, Is an annual event on April 22. The focus is natural processes, restoring the world’s ecosystems, and helping us live more sustainably. The theme for Earth Day 2021 is “Restore Our Earth.” One of the simplest things we can do to help Restore Our Earth is to start using natural lawn and garden food.

It’s spring planting season, and all types of growing plants need to be fed to get them growing strong and prepared for summer production. More and more people every day are turning to fertilizers of biological origin to feed their plants, in perfect recycling. This type of fertilizer does not generate polluting residues. They contribute organic matter to the soil improving its health, structure, and absorption capacity. Organic fertilizers favor the microbial activity of the soil and the recovery of land damaged by the repeated use of chemical fertilizers.

Animal-based compost is an ideal lawn and garden food, plus it’s sustainable and renewable.

What Kind Of Animal Manure?

All the waste from animals, except dogs and cats, can be used to create animal compost. Chickens, cows, horses, rabbits, and earthworms leave behind nutrient-rich, organic droppings that promote healthy lawn and garden growth.

How To Make Animal-Based Compost

You can create your own animal-based compost by starting a compost pile and introducing earthworms to the pile. The earthworms will eat the food waste, and their digestive system will transform it into nutrient-rich worm castings that will be incorporated into the compost. Other types of animal waste can be incorporated into a compost pile to increase the nutrient value of the compost.

A pile of animal waste can be created without the addition of food and yard waste if desired. Create a layered pile of 4-parts manure and 1-part chopped plant material and allow it to decompose. Only use well-rotted animal manure on lawns and gardens.

Soon you will be able to purchase perfectly blended compost from Kristy K Organics.

How To Use It

  • Animal-based compost can be blended into the soil or other growing mediums to increase fertility and drainage.

  • It can be used as a side-dressing or mulch to help prevent weed growth and feed plants during the summer.

  • This natural food can be broadcast on top of the lawn once a month from early spring until just after the last mowing of the season. This will keep the lawn fed and help prevent soil compaction.

  • Make compost tea by mixing 1-cup of animal-based compost into a 5-gallon bucket of water. Use this to water garden plants and flowers.

Environmental sustainability is the heart of Kristy K Organics. This is evident in our organic soil and renewable products that we will soon be offering. We source only from the finest quality. We take great pride in our role in crafting earth-friendly, organic soils and soil amendments, testing each product on our own family farm for quality assurance.

Do your part and teach our children to do theirs. If everyone could do one small thing to help our plant, imagine the significant impact that would have.


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