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Image by Dani California


There are many varieties of Tomatoes. Do the research and make sure the plants fit the needs and will grow in the planted environment. Tomatoes LOVE being in the sunlight so make sure they are getting adequate sun daily. Plant them a little deeper than they come in the pot, all the way up to the top few leaves. This helps them develop stronger roots.


  • Trowel

  • Measuring device

  • Mixing container

  • Mix, stir, blend really well.

  • Moisten the mixture slightly with water, so it's slightly damp but not soaking wet.

Asset 8.png
  • Gently loosen the plant from its container - don't tug

  • 'Wake up' the roots by gently shaking off excess dirt.

  • Place in new container so root ball is below the rim using new potting soil as a base.

Asset 10.png
  • Fill around your plant with your mix

  • Gently pat it down to secure the plant and get rid of any air pockets.

Asset 5.png
  • Water your plant thoroughly, and continue to water it deeply and regularly throughout the growing season.

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Using organic Organic Chicken Manure Pellets can provide additional nutrients and beneficial microorganisms for your tomato plants, but be careful not to over-fertilize as it can lead to excessive vegetative growth and reduce fruit yield.

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