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Aged Bark Fines

Aged Bark Fines by Kristy K Organics

Utilize the natural and organic multifunctional power of aged bark fines to create well-drained and nourishing soil for gardens, landscapes, trees, and containers. It’s an innovative, eco-friendly replacement for peat moss as it’s renewable and sustainable.

As a soil additive and conditioner, our aged bark fines enrich the soil with the fantastic properties of bark mulch, but in a smaller, more manageable bulk to mix with the native soil. Count on it to stabilize the soil’s moisture, creating the perfect level between moisture and drainage to aid plants of all types.

Our Aged Bark Fines are:

  • 100% renewable and made from softwood bark mulch

  • Safe for humans and pets, when used as directed

  • Perfect for soil in the ground raised gardens, and potting mix in containers – anywhere plants will grow

Fortify your current soil to condition it properly for optimal drainage, water retention, improved aeration, and nourishment for rich soil environments.

Growing Tomato Plants

After a banner year of great vegetables last year, we are anxious to get started this year. Just picked up our Kristy K Organics this last weekend.

— Terry O

People in the garden

My tomato plants are going crazy this year!  They are over the cages with lots of tomatoes!   I used Kristy K Organics.

— Linda A

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Taking care of a pot flower