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Aged Bark Fines


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Everyone wants their gardens and landscaping to stay healthy and look beautiful, but it’s no small task. Fortunately, having access to the right tools makes all the difference. 

Aged Bark Fines can be used as a soil amendment or mulch and is an excellent choice for flower beds. As a soil amendment, Aged Bark fines improve drainage, add organic matter, and help to maintain an acidic soil as they have a low pH - perfect for acid-loving plants.  The fines can aid in breaking up clumps of clay and compacted soils, improving water and air penetration to plant roots.

Aged Bark Fines also make an excellent choice for weed suppression. The mulch layer created by the fines will help to keep moisture in the soil and insulation against extreme temperatures. 

Are you looking for the perfect topdressing to improve your lawn’s tilth, drainage, and nutrient distribution? Blend our Aged Bark Fines with Premium Organic Compost and spread it over your lawn. Organic matter also hosts beneficial microorganisms that turn fertilizer and minerals into plant-available nutrients. Those robust microorganisms can provide more nutrition than traditional fertilizers due to their ability to break down nutrients in the organic materials in the soil. 


It’s time to take control of your landscaping destiny ― pick up some Aged Bark Fines today!


- KEEP YOUR GARDEN HEALTHY BY BUILDING ORGANIC MATTER - Give your plants the love they need to stay healthy and look beautiful! Our Aged Bark Fines are OMRI Listed. That means it is safe for your family, pets, and garden support system (the good guys in the soil feeding your plants).


- SUSTAINABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY PEAT MOSS REPLACEMENT - Unlike other soil enhancers, Aged Bark Fines is sustainable and eco-friendly. It’s made of organic mulch, which is more sustainable than peat moss. And unlike other products that harm the environment, this one actually builds soil instead of killing it. Win-win!

So don’t wait another second! Make gardening easy with our Aged Bark Fines today – your gardens will thank you later!


After a banner year of great vegetables last year, we are anxious to get started this year. Just picked up our Kristy K Organics this last weekend.

— Terry O

My tomato plants are going crazy this year!  They are over the cages with lots of tomatoes!   I used Kristy K Organics.

— Linda A

Taking care of a pot flower

You've seen the reviews, now it's your turn to experience that magic! Don't hesitate in getting the Aged Bark Fines to get give your garden that healthy and beautiful look it deserves. 

Check out our recipes to use with your Aged Bark Fines.

For Use On:

Trees and Shrubs



Potager Gardens

Raised Gardens

Outdoor Containers

Indoor Containers

Herb Gardens

Container Growing Tips

Watering: Only water your plants when the soil is dry. Use a tray or saucer to catch water that drains from the bottom of the pot. Do not let plants stand in water. Outdoor container plants might need to be watered more often (once per day during hot, dry weather). Light: Some plants like to be in direct sunlight while other prefer shade. Check the plant tag or ask someone at your local garden center to find out what kind of exposure your plant needs. Feeding: Frequent watering can wash nutrients away from the roots of your plant. Feed  plants at least monthly during the growing season with an Espoma Organic Plant Food beginning two weeks after planting.

Aged Bak in Recipes

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