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What is prettier than a potted flower sitting on your patio or windowsill?


Potted flowers are a great way to bring color and life to your outdoor living space, and you can move them around or take them indoors seasonally. Did you know that making your own potting mix is less expensive than pre-mixed versions? It also allows you to customize your soil with natural ingredients.


Potted plants can really benefit from more specialized soils than typical garden beds since they vary so much in size and water retention needs. Making your own potting mix lets you control the quality of each ingredient and ensures that every single one of your potted flowers gets precisely what it needs! You can even apply natural nutrient supplements like Organic Chicken Manure Pellets or top them with Enriched Bark Mini Nuggets, depending on what kind of plants you have.

Potted Flowers

Keep those potted Geraniums, Petunias, Hydrangeas, and Begonias looking perky and picturesque with the following general recipe

  • Trowel

  • Measuring device

  • Mixing container

  • Mix your ingredients thoroughly to make potting soil

Asset 8.png
  • Gently loosen the plant from its container - don't tug

  • 'Wake up' the roots by gently shaking off excess dirt.

  • Place in new container so root ball is below the rim using new potting soil as a base.

Asset 10.png
  • Fill around your plant with your mix

  • Gently pat it down to secure the plant and get rid of any air pockets.

Asset 5.png
  • Water thoroughly, ensuring the roots are covered until 

  • Let it sit draining in a tub of water for 30 minutes

  • Then empty the saucer.

Asset 16.png

Apply a layer of mulch or enriched bark mini nuggets or rocks to the soil surface to slow moisture loss.

Asset 4.png

Sprinkle 2 parts spent coffee grounds for a nitrogen boost. It’s recycling, loaded with micronutrients, and an eco-friendly way to dispose of your leftover brew.

Asset 17.png

Using saucers under your plants help avoid a watery mess and is an easy way to provide extra thirsty plants more water.

Bonus Time Release.png

Add time-release fertilizer to your potting soil mix to provide the essential nutrients they need throughout their growing season without having to worry about overfeeding or underfeeding.  

Potted flowers need special love and care! To get your container garden thriving, start by giving it a good drink. Water thoroughly to help settle the soil, and don't forget to check that all the roots are covered with soil. Keeping the soil level a couple of inches below the container's rim is also important - this will stop any water or soil from spilling out. After that first drink, take a peek after 24 hours - since Potted flowers like frequent watering, you'll want to check in every day or two days if the top inch of soil is looking dry. When you've given your potted flowers enough water, some may run out of the drainage hole(s) - if not, feel free to give it another sprinkle! Just remember not to leave any standing puddle in its saucer if you have one - too much water can lead to root rot and nobody wants that!


Now that you know how easy and beneficial it is to make your own potting mix, why not give it a try? And for those items you don't already have, we've got you covered - just click the link below to buy our organic soil amendments. So get out there and start gardening like a pro - your potted plants will thank you for it!

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