Image by Gemma Evans

What is prettier than a potted flower sitting on the windowsill? 

Potted flowers bring a pop of color to your outdoor living space. Plus, they are conveniently sized, moveable, and great for decorating in all seasons. Lovely!
However, potted flowers still need the right products to grow. 


Keep those potted Geraniums, Petunias, Hydrangeas, and Begonias looking perky and picturesque with the following:  

  • 3 parts Kristy K Organics Compost

  • 3 parts Kristy K Organics Aged Bark Fines

  • 1 part screened native topsoil

  • 2 parts Kristy K Organics Rice Hulls


Are you a coffee drinker?    Mmm…us too! 

Optional: Sprinkle 2 parts spent coffee grounds for a nitrogen boost. It’s organic, loaded with micronutrients, and an eco-friendly way to dispose of your leftover brew.