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  • Kristy Flowers

Invest In Our Planet

Growing a food garden is essential to living a sustainable lifestyle, and what we feed the food-producing plants will determine if we are investing in our planet or taking away from it.

Using organic plant food products will promote healthier plant growth, better soil, cleaner water, and less air pollution. You will be spending time and money on feeding your lawn and garden anyway, might as well make those investments serve double duty by bettering our planet.

Organic Compost

Everyone generates food scraps and these scraps can be put to good use by creating nutrient-rich organic compost.

Compost is decomposed food waste and is an almost perfect food for lawns and gardens. Compost can be used as a soil amendment to transform poor, barren soil into rich, productive soil. Working compost into soil will loosen it, prevent compaction, promote good drainage, improve air circulation, feed plants, and attract earthworms. The earthworms will tunnel their way around under the soil to keep the air and water moving, plus they leave behind nutrient-rich castings that will keep the soil fertile.

Chicken Manure Pellets

Chicken manure pellets are an easy and economical way to feed the garden and lawn. They are high in nitrogen and will keep vegetation growing strong both above and below the soil level.

These pellets are made from raw chicken manure and provide plants with healthy nutrition without the mess and smell of the barnyard product. Ideal for use in containers on a patio or deck. Using the organic pellets is also a good way to invest in our planet since it takes a natural waste product and uses it to feed plants.

Shredded Mulch

Applying shredded mulch around plants will help the soil retain moisture, prevent weed growth, and prevent erosion. The organic mulch will slowly decompose into the soil to improve its’ fertility and structure.

Gardens And Lawns

Organic compost, chicken manure pellets, and shredded mulch can be used as an investment in our planet. All these natural products will help keep green vegetation growing and the soil healthy so our future can be green and prosperous.


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