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Aged Bark Fines

Meet your new gardening best friend, Aged Bark Fines by Kristy's K Organics. Say goodbye to peat moss and hello to this innovative and eco-friendly soil amendment. Made from renewable and sustainable bark mulch, our Aged Bark Fines are packed with all the amazing benefits of bark mulch, but in a more manageable size that's easier to mix with native soil.


Our Aged Bark Fines are perfect for gardeners, homeowners, and even landscaping professionals. As a soil additive and conditioner, they create the ideal moisture and drainage levels for all types of plants. Plus, they're OMRI listed, so you can trust they're safe for use in organic gardening.


Made from 1/4" fines screened from aged softwood bark, our Aged Bark Fines are able to hold in and stabilize soil moisture, maintain soil temperature, deter weeds, support drainage, and improve aeration for strong roots. They also promote soil microbes and have an ideal pH of 6.4.


And the best part? No earth mining is required to produce Aged Bark Fines, so you can feel great about using them in your garden.  Supports your efforts in growing organic food for your family.


Available in two sizes, 8 Quart and 1 Cubic Foot bags, add Aged Bark Fines to your garden today and enjoy the benefits for seasons to come!

Aged Bark Fines

PriceFrom $4.90
    • Mix your ingredients per plant needs.  See recipes 
    • Fill your container about 1/3 of the way with mix
    • Waken up the plate by loosening up plant root ball and putting in container with top of root just below the rim of container
    • Add more mix and tap down lightly.
    • Water and enjoy
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