Image by Markus Spiske


Plant the potatoes where they will get at least six to eight hours of full sun daily. Potatoes should be rotated in a garden on a three-year rotation. This means that potatoes should not grow in the same spot until three or four years later.


Best Directions

Potting mixes specifically made for containers will work.

A good mix is:


Converted to % or parts

1 part Kristy K Organics Compost

1 part Kristy K Organics Rice Hulls

1 part Kristy K Organics Coconut Coir


Grow bag:

Potatoes can be grown in a garbage bag, mesh burlap sack, or any other kind of bag (even a potting soil bag)



Medium size, or anything that will hold at least two or three gallons of potting soil.


Coconut Coir/ Rice Hulls/ Sand:


A primary benefit to coconut coir is how excellent it is at both absorbing and retaining water which means better root growth, invariably creating bigger, stronger plants. Coconut coir is slightly alkaline, meaning no extra products are required to neutralize soil. This level of acidity is also considered to be perfect for slowly releasing nutrients. Another huge benefit to coconut coir is the fact it is re-usable.