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There is nothing like the smell of freshly cut grass!


Maintaining a gorgeous green lawn takes time and effort. Lawn maintenance isn’t complex; however, to achieve that genuinely well-loved lawn look, here are some ways to get you started: 


Break out the lawnmower

Pull up invasive weeds

Seed with native grasses in the spring

Compost in the spring and fall

Skip all those nasty herbicides and chemicals


Kristy K Organics also has these tips:


Compost topdressing can replenish the nutrients in the soil, restoring fertility in the land that has been depleted.


First, let’s mow that lawn following up with good watering - this is something we hope to reduce.

You can either rent an aerator or borrow a friend’s. It’s best if it has hollow tines that are 4” deep. Do this in one direction and then try another angle.  


Spread out some Kristy K Organics Premium Organic Compost using a compost spreader or a universal push spreader, or spread it on top of the lawn with a shovel, then rake it out even. Add some Kristy K Organics Aged Bark Fines for an extra kick. Spread this earth-loving substance out about ¼” - ½” thick.


Hey, do you have some room for a pollinator garden in your yard? Adding some native plants and pollinator favorites will bring even more life to your oasis.


Ta-da! A “wow-worthy” yard that will be the talk of the neighborhood!

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