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It all starts with good soil

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Soil & Mixes

All-Natural Growing Mixes

Premixed growing mixes
for y
our garden:


Potting Soil

Raised Bed Soil

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All-Natural Soil Amendments


Chicken Manure Pellets

Rice Hulls / Fluffed Coconut Coir

Aged Bark Fines

Custom Mixes

Wholesale & Private Labels


We work with greenhouses & nurseries to offer custom mixes for growing or selling, including custom private label products.

Kristy K Organics is more than just a family-owned business—it's your partner in all-natural gardening solutions.


Our mission? To help you cultivate lush lawns, thriving gardens, and bountiful food, all while keeping your loved ones—furry or otherwise—safe and sound. We're passionate about supporting regenerative soil practices and sustainable gardening methods because we believe in nurturing plants and the planet.

So go ahead, feel the warmth of friendship

and environmental stewardship with Kristy K Organics!

Why us?

At Kristy K Organics, it's about family. 

Our family.

Your family.

We're dedicated to providing safe, top-quality soils and nourishing amendments for your family and ours, ensuring that the next generation thrives. As my granddaughter rightly says, 'Natural is beautiful,' and we couldn't agree more.


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Revolutionary Lawn Care that Benefits the Earth


Have you ever wondered how your beautiful lawn could make the world a better place? Our green spaces are indeed heroes in disguise - healthy, thriving lawns can naturally reduce the carbon pollution that contributes to climate change.


Kristy K Organics provides all-natural and renewable specifically formulated for these purifying benefits; by feeding your soil with beneficial elements, up to 127 grams of CO2 per square meter annually can be captured without harmful chemicals!


Doing good has never looked so lush: look after your space today and help save tomorrow – get out there and become an eco-champion!

Soil Conditioners that
Protect More than Plants


Using toxic chemical pesticides may seem effective to weed and pest-proof your garden, but did you know they could do more damage than good? Not only do these harsh chemicals destroy the beneficial elements in the soil that make plants vigorous, healthy, and vibrant – such as bacteria, fungi, and worms - it seeps into groundwater, jeopardizing their quality too.  These nasty chemicals have caused DNA damage and disrupted human cell growth.  Not something we want for our children.

Healthy ecosystems start from the ground up. Switch to Kristy K Organics, all-natural soil amendments that have been proven to make plants more robust and more vibrant while protecting against mold, disease, and environmental stress.


So get started today by giving your soil some love with Kristy K Organics!




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