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Best Directions


This potting soil mix can be created in any quantity. We fill a one-gallon pail for our “parts”, and then mix the ingredients in a wheelbarrow. The real key is to keep the portions the same as the recipe expands for diminishes.


A great mix starts with pulverized topsoil. Pulverized topsoil can be found in bulk or in bags and is usually very inexpensive. The key is that it is pulverized!


Starting with a fine soil mix is a big must. If soil is too clay-ish or compacted, it will make it hard for a plant’s root system to expand.


It also makes it hard for the roots to absorb nutrients. Pulverized topsoil should be super-fine and crumble easily when held.


Converted to % or parts

4 parts pulverized soil

4 parts Kristy K Organics Compost

1 part Kristy K Organics Rice Hulls

1 part worm castings

Optional 1 part spent coffee grounds


Peace Lily


Best Directions

Mix one-part loam, Kristy K Organics Coconut Coir (replaces peat moss), and sand to make a potting soil.

Any soil designed for houseplant will also work but ensure it is one that can hold moisture well and drain enough to support the lily.


Converted to % or parts

1 part loam

1 part Kristy K Organics Coconut Coir

1 part sand


Grow Bag: Though most peace lilies are grown as houseplants, they can grow outside in zones 10 to 12.

Size: Generally, peace lilies will not ever require pots larger than about 10 inches (25.4 cm) in diameter


Coconut Coir/ Rice Hulls/ Sand: People use coconut coir to enrich the soil naturally.


Spider Plant


Best Directions

Spider Plants are not as fussy to soil, so they can be planted in any good organic potting soil that ensure that they have good drainage. 

Converted to % or parts

1 part Kristy K Organics Potting Soil 

1 part Kristy K Organics Succulent & Cactus Mix


Grow Bag: These plants like to grow in pots. A free draining planter is going to be the best planter for this fast-growing plant.


Size: Select a container that is no more than one-third larger than the root ball of the plant.


Coconut Coir/ Rice Hulls/ Sand: As a soilless growing medium, good quality coir offers little trouble in the way of weeds, pests, and disease, while delivering excellent water retention, drainage, and aeration.